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UK Brand & Retail Launch for new fashion brand


Barts Case study


AGENCY: Radiator PR

The Brand

Barts the outerwear brand was founded in 1992 and based in the heart of Amsterdam. Created by designer Bart Koene, the brand is going from strength to strength. Beginning as a simple winter accessories brand, Barts has now moved on to being stylish and functional. Creating accessories for Men Women and Children; Barts aim to be a winter must have for all the family.Brief

Barts appointed Radiator to take the brand, a well establish brand amongst the skiing community, to a new wide spread and stylish audience. The 2011/2012 collection is more fashion forward than the previous ranges so this was the perfect opportunity to capture more fans and gain coverage in target style media.

Campaign Objectives

The focus of the PR Campaign was to secure coverage in women’s and men’s style and lifestyle, children’s and parenting titles and a continued focus on men’s and women’s snow sport media. The aim was to cover all print, online and tv opportunities.


In order to secure these objectives, Radiator drew up a 6 month plan throughout the key winter sell in period. From August to January all of our key press were targeted to secure coverage and to gain awareness of the brand.

Looking through the collection, the key products were identified to be used to amplify the brand within the media. We utilised the strong press shots to create the view of the brand within the target media as well as backing these up with ongoing tactics to ensure surround sound media. The brand was also viewed by 80 key journalists at Radiator’s key seasonal press open days.


The campaign created over 30 pieces of coverage over the six month period including product placement in national newspapers such as The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Daily Express; as well as style titles such as Fabulous, Super Super and Stella. It’s reach also included snow titles such as In the Snow and Men’s Titles such as Nuts and Zoo.

Overall the Campaign had a total reach of 12,587,804 and an Estimated Editorial Value of




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